Bjoern Gosswiler

Hi, I'm Bjoern

I'm an hobby photographer and enthusiastic sportsman

Growing up in the Lucerne backcountry it was difficult to explore Fun Sports in the 80s.

During a holiday in Spain, I had the opportunity to participate in a windsurfing beginner course. And that was the beginning of a great love.

Windsurfing has been a passion for me since I was 15 years old. During this time I made some progress and got the possibility to travel to beautiful places all around the world.

At 25, I knew more places abroad than in Switzerland, but this changed after I fell in love with other great Fun Sports like free skiing, mountain biking and later with climbing.

At this time, I found out that we live in a really beautiful country.

Let’s talk about photography

At the beginning, I just was interested in action photography, but later on, I started to see the things beside the water, trails and snow.

Actually, I still like action pictures, but I also really enjoy taking pictures of the beautiful nature.

So then, I hope you enjoy browsing through my website.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Take care
Björn Gosswiler